The large-scale international project takes place in two formats in the period from March 2021 to May 2022.
Within the framework of the 6 tracks of the program, continuous work is carried out on the online platform Vision Zero Digital, the final result of which will become the Vision Zero Safety Future Congress in Spain.
A unique space for continuous interaction of the global professional HSE community, united by a common goal of promoting and actively applying the Vision Zero concept.
The program has been crafted in collaboration with most influential international organizations.
Maximum immersion
More than 100 events and interactive sessions in online and face-to-face format throughout the year.
Progressive content
International networking
The first project that brings together specialists from all over the world for effective interaction.
Demonstration and discussion of global approaches and effective practices, technologies and innovations.
The SAFETY FUTURE CONGRESS will provide a unique opportunity to develop a new global community of safety and health professionals that believe in a world of work without injuries.

At first sight it may seem impossible: all accidents, diseases and injures are preventable. Enabling people to return home from work every day staying healthy makes sense both from human and business point of view. The safety, health and wellbeing of the workforce should therefore be a priority for any company. This is the main principle of Vision Zero.

Hans-Horst Konkolewsky
President, International ORP Foundation
Vision Zero Ambassador
Be involved in the event that changes the future today!
and risk management
Global Dialogue
Environment & Sustainable Development
Environmental protection is one of the most important elements of sustainable development. Companies all over the world pay great attention to minimizing environmental damage. The track will consider strategies for greening business.
Sessions of this track will be dedicated to the experience exchange in the HSE field by representatives from all over the world. This is a demonstration of the best approaches and results of global management and governance in different countries.
Join the track to learn about new strategies and fresh perspectives on occupational health and safety. Tools that will help to reduce the risk of accidents and prevent them with minimal losses.
Progressive Program
The Vision Zero Digital program is the maximum concentration of practical content, tools and practices that you can use in your work.
The track is dedicated to the formation of a culture of health and well-being in the team. How a healthy working environment affects business processes, how to calculate the return on investment for the development of corporate culture, and many other practical issues.
HR management, effective management, leadership, and human resource development are the essential pillars for a company that shares the Vision Zero principles. Within the framework of the track, we will discuss how to create a dream team, grow talents, as well as modern ways of motivating and training staff.
Health culture
and well-being
Human capital
Digital Transformation
We live in the era of digitalization, which will affect all areas of production. What technologies and innovations have already become the working tools of HSE specialists, how companies implement their digital transformation strategy in different countries, and much more.
Meet Our Key Speakers
With the support of globally respected organizations and experts, the organizers have made the most unique program, enriched with international practices and advanced technologies in the field of health and safety.
Online Space For Continuous Interaction
An online platform is available throughout the project period for the members to take part in ongoing events, interactive sessions and discussions, actively interact with the global professional community, and gain access to priceless practical content.
Access to all the content of the platform -
events held in various formats on the platform, recordings and materials in three languages (English-Spanish - Russian), discussions of experts and participants.
Access to the global professional community - the opportunity to participate in discussions on different topics throughout the year, to take part in group online meetings with colleagues, to establish the necessary contacts, to exchange opinions and ideas.
events throughout the year
event per week
languages of the curated content
Vision Zero Safety Future Congress
The offline event that completes the fruitful work within the annual cycle of online events and gives you opportunity to live communication and discussion of the most pressing issues, practical exchange of experience, demonstrations of advanced technologies and innovative products in the field of occupational safety, health and the environment.
Lloret De Mar
Be Inspired By The Program
More than 30 business sessions on safety, health and environment issues held in various formats with the participation of government authorities, business representatives and leading industry experts.
Touch The Technologies
Demonstrating innovations, trends and key global achievements in the areas of health and safety at exhibition area:
AR/VR, Artificial intelligence, Big Data, Internet of Things technology (IoT), Smart PPE, Unmanned aerial vehicles and many others.
See The Real Workflow
The event will offer participants technical tours. Visit the companies from different economic sectors located near the event venue and gain insight and benefit from practical experience.
MAY 2022
A unique opportunity for global cooperation -
joining forces for greater results.
The Vision Zero Digital project is an affordable opportunity to actively expand your professional network at the international level.

We have created a tool for effective interaction of colleagues, potential partners all over the world, united by interests, thematic tracks and status.
international companies
Be In Community
Become a Participant
Full access to the digital community during the year:
- Participation in online events
- Exclusive use of the event recordings and materials
- Participation in group meetings via Zoom
- Access to all the content of the digital platform (6 tracks, 45+ events - best content from experts and speakers).

Participation in the activities of the Vision Zero Safety Future Congress 2022 (Spain) - Professional Program, Exhibition and Technical Tours.
850 € 1050 €
700 € 1050 €
Participating as a delegation of 5 or more people from one company, you have all the SINGLE package options and a discount for each participant.

650 € 850 €
Be part of the Vision Zero Digital community, take part in all online events and visit the Vision Zero Congress in 2022 in Spain
Full access to the digital community during the year:
- Participation in online events
- Exclusive use of the event recordings and materials
- Participation in group meetings via Zoom
- Access to all the content of the digital platform (6 tracks, 45+ events - best content from experts and speakers).
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