The DVR was founded in 1969. Due to the steadily growing number of dead and seriously injured road users, the then Federal Transport Minister Georg Leber decided that it was necessary to pool resources and develop and coordinate effective measures in order to make road traffic safer for all road users - the future task of the German Road Safety Council (DVR).

The focus of the road safety-related measures lies in the following areas:

— Human behaviour
— Vehicle technology
— Infrastructure
— Traffic monitoring
— Traffic medicine

Based on new scientific knowledge and societal requirements, the DVR recommends measures relevant to traffic safety to politics and industry as part of its resolutions . He develops campaigns , training courses and programs to prevent road accidents. Above all, he appeals to the personal responsibility of all people participating in road traffic.

In order to be able to recommend effective measures and to be able to take them themselves, the DVR works closely with its approximately 200 members .

Vision Zero has been the guiding strategy for road safety work at the DVR since 2007 . In addition, the DVR pursues a hazard-oriented approach in its work. Measures that reduce the number of fatalities and injuries in road traffic in a particularly efficient and sustainable manner have priority.
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