Promote the progress of medicine and occupational safety and other disciplines related to the prevention of occupational risks, disseminating and promoting knowledge of the specialty and its principles.
Encourage interaction between professionals in these specialties and all sectors of society that may be related to them.
Serve as a training and informative body regarding the functions and purposes of the specialties, collaborate with public or private entities through the preparation of studies, reports or similar.
Seek the resolution of conflicts between members for aspects related to the disciplines and defend the interests of the members in situations related to them.
Organize, carry out and celebrate acts and activities of a professional nature, research, training, cultural or assistance, individually or in collaboration with public administrations, health centers, hospitals, Professional Associations, Universities, other scientific entities and organizations and groups representative of workers and employers.
Edit, publish and distribute, by any means and support, magazines, books, reports and other documents related to the disciplines of occupational medicine and occupational risk prevention.
Promote occupational medicine and other preventive disciplines related to the Prevention of Occupational Risks and represent its professionals.
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